New Emerging Brooklyn Designer In This Season’s NYFW

New Emerging Brooklyn Designer In This Season’s NYFW

     As Brooklyn slowly makes its rise back on the map, so are many upcoming creatives such as K.I McGowan. From being featured in Fubu’s Atlanta Fashion Show (Fb For The Culture) and recently leaving  a mark on Street Fashion Week’s runway. K.I Mc is beginning to be recognized as a True New York City “Hustler”!


   STREET FASHION WEEK is a global platform that supports and elevates creatives within the fashion, wearable technology, and music space. It is listed as an official New York Fashion Week event, and is known for showcasing urban chic' designers and street style culture. For this SS19 season, Mc & Co. presented their "Not For Everybody" Collection alongside other fashion designers such as Significant Problems, Majeeda Monea, Lenny Vuitton, Black Merchant Society, and more.  
   K.I Mc’s inspiration behind the “Not For Everybody” collection was to create a “ready to wear” athletic capsule concept for the consumer who enjoys comfort, but values style and luxury. Creating looks composed of both old & new “Hip Hop” trends & classic "street style" brands such as “FUBU”, with reflective embroidery hockey jerseys, chenille patches, and their signature “MCCONYC” buckle straps and more. They also paid homage to their home town, Brooklyn, New York, by creating items embellished with different logos that say “Made In Brooklyn” or “Est. in East Flatbush”. Here’s some footage of what you might have missed and Mc & Co. NYC’s spin on a few looks.




        Mc & Co.'s vision is to create a lifestyle brand around platforms in which they combine both "Urban Fashion, Arts and Entertainment," in, "sleek" yet, "edgy" way. The company specializes in Unisex (Genderless) Streetwear apparel & Lifestyle pieces that gain their inspiration from the "gritty look of Brooklyn, NYC, and the chic trends of the fashion world you see today. Their motto is "Daring You to be Different, Defining Your Own Sexy."
      All Mc & Co. NYC™ merchandise is "made to order" ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. You can find this company on social media & catch some of your favorite upcoming celebrities, public figures in one of their pieces.
Behind the Scenes Footage of Street Fashion Week with Photographer Crush Anthony @the_real_crush 


 Footage of Street FashionWeek with Bohemian Films



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